Hosting Support Options That Deliver Success

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Tech.Support 2Providing Moodle hosting support creates unique, dynamic challenges, and many companies struggle to keep pace with constantly changing developments while providing quality support.  Such an intensely challenging environment requires professionalism and expertise that has proven itself repeatedly.  Remote-Learner addresses technical support and its challenges with a commitment like few others can provide.

Remote-Learner’s technical support team brings the collective wisdom of its in-house Moodle experts to every support case encountered.  With a  comprehensive set of scoping and diagnostic tools, our veteran Moodle developers and experienced infrastructure staff approach each technical support case with care, determining each case’s causes, effects, and problem areas.  To determine the best possible solution for each clients’ support case,  our technical team deploys its best—both in numbers and in combined Moodle expertise.  We’ve earned the confidence of many because we operate this way. We intend to keep doing what works for our customers-- 24/7/365.


Hosting Support Services

describe the image Help Desk Support

For configuration issues, system bugs, or general Moodle "how-to" questions, our help desk support gives Moodle site administrators an easy way to submit support issues via email or through our support ticket system.  

What sets Remote-Learner’s help desk support service apart from others is our philosophy and operating principles. We don’t just skim a technical manual and give our clients superficial answers. In fact, it’s that kind of “support” that we typically find ourselves cleaning up once we take on a new client who has hosted elsewhere. Having had such prior experiences, we believe our clients deserve something better than what most other companies provide, and we’re committed to delivering it.

describe the image Dedicated e-Learning Administrator

Across time, as Moodle itself has evolved, Remote-Learner’s development and technical support team has been present and involved, obtaining valuable field experience that has accumulated to more than 40 years of technical expertise with Moodle itself. We believe it’s this type of intimate, evolving Moodle knowledge that provides our customers with the best possible foundation in maintaining an e-learning system using Moodle. This belief shapes our dedicated E-Learning Admin (ELA) division and drives optimal performance in our clients' learning management system.

Our e-learning admin service consists of assigned Moodle administrators who function as if they were  members of your own support team. Remote-Learner's e-learning admins can perform an array of Moodle administration duties that save you valuable time, money, and overhead so you can focus your resources on learning & training initiatives. Think of your assigned e-learning admin as a member of your own team without the salary costs!

Our e-learning admins (ELAs) typically perform the following functions:

  • Course Development
  • System Deployment
  • e-Learning Admin Services
  • Operational Support
  • System Management & Performance
  • Cycle Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • System Configuration
computer error e-Learning Admin

Clients needing a large enterprise level of support have the option to procure a higher level of service that goes beyond our general help desk support. A e-Learning Adminstrator (ELA) may be assigned to your account. This level of support offers access to the very best Moodle experts the market has to offer.  ELAs manage all technical support aspects of a client's account.

Please note we offer support and hosting packages only. Stand-alone support contracts are not offered.