Client Quote

"We are a large school district with over 6,000 users and 700+ courses for students and faculty. It was a priority to upgrade to Moodle 2.0+ and train teachers to create courses as well as instruct students how to navigate in the new Moodle platform. Mark McCall, Tayla Craig and Stephanie Gerald provided face-to-face, customized training that met the needs of a very diverse group of learners and teachers, novice to experienced. Teachers left the training with the ability to implement fresh and innovative ideas in the classroom and a profound level of confidence to create courses that will be engaging and interactive for their students".

Kathy Miller, ILS Facilitator, Garland Independent School District, TX

Online Training

Online.Training 2Remote-Learner has a growing list of online courses that offer professionals a way to gain competencies in different educational technologies that we support, including ELIS, Moodle, Mahara, Alfresco, Adobe Connect, and more. On-line courses allow you to study the subject matter in greater depth over several weeks, rather than doing an intensive one- or two-day workshop. Most of our online courses are fully-facilitated and include various resources such as:

  • a sandbox course in which to work over an extended period
  • direct access to Remote-Learner expertise

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