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Improve workforce performance with completion, compliance and certification-based training results!

For government agencies, nothing is more important than making wise investments when it comes to providing employee training and professional development.  Anything less than the very best effort is sure to diminish performance and service in the government workforce sector.  Remote-Learner's unique e-learning solutions--powered by the Moodle LMS--have helped redefine many government agencies’ training programs, including emergency response and law- enforcement. 

Reduce operating costs!

To ensure that government agencies are able to realize a positive return on their training and development initiatives, keeping operating costs down is essential, and Remote-Learner is eager to partner with your agency to make it happen.  We know how important it is to attract and retain knowledgeable and skillful employees. We’ve designed a suite of e-Learning tools and services that provide expert solutions to all your design, implementation, hosting, and learning & talent management system (LMS) needs. Keeping your employees trained and professionally advanced is at the heart of what we do.  At Remote-Leaner, we embrace challenges with you, sharing the load of keeping your employees trained and developed properly. With us, your training and development priorities are ours, because we know that only a skilled workforce is a successful workforce.   

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