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"Covisint’s ability to train and enable customers, employees and partners directly impacts our bottom line and reputation. Our Remote-Learner partnership improved how we trained and engaged with everyone that matters. Importantly, it was also one of the most cost-effective solutions available, making the choice that much easier."

Joseph Littleton
Training and Development Manager


ELIS is the perfect solution for those organizations that require an enterprise level of functionality in their online learning program for a fraction of the cost of a proprietary system.

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Enterprise Solutions

Put Results In Your Learning Management System With ELIS

ELIS.Lady 2For a truly streamlined learning management system (LMS) that validates your organization’s training and curriculum programs’ effectiveness, there’s no better open-source tool than Remote-Learner’s ELIS (Enterprise Learning Intelligence System) for Moodle. Designed to enhance the power of Moodle's built-in assessment features, ELIS is a Moodle-based system for creating and managing learning programs such as completion based training, compliance certification, measurement of learner competencies, and other learning programs organizations require. ELIS is also used for tracking individuals’ progress across time. ELIS extends Moodle’s ability to monitor learning, measure performance, and generate accurate report analytics, thereby making your learning & training objectives more robust and reliable.

What is ELIS? 


e-Learning Environments for ELIS

  • Professional Development Programs (K-12, Higher Ed, Corporate & Government sectors)

  • Talent Development and Managementdescribe the image

  • Certification Programs

  • Sales & Sales Team Training

  • Corporate Training (Compliance, Diversity, & More!)

  • Higher Education Accreditation

  • Continued Education

  • Publisher Content (Moodle course creation & distribution, reporting, and management)


Features of ELIS

update Program Manager- The ELIS Program Manager feature allows administrators to track learner progress within entire curricula and across learning programs. It also allows the administrator to generate and store learner transcripts, independent of Moodle. The Program Manager also gives administrators the ability to create site-wide groups of users called Clusters."  For example, groups can be created based on user location, supervisor or job role, academic department, discipline and more.
 clock select remain Notification Manager- Notification Manager within ELIS provides administrators with a mechanism to send out automatic notifications on specific events that occur within Moodle. For examples, a notification can be sent out when a user first enrolls in a course, when a certification is expiring, or when courses are not being completed on time.
 chart curve Reports Manager- The ELIS Report Management system provides tracking, reporting, and analytics necessary for learning progress and outcomes verification as required by administrators, supervisors, teachers, students, and parents.